Tradition was once a path


Why do we shy from it today?



There used to be living traditions that people proudly associated with. Today these survive in pockets, dimmed by onslaught of desire to be contemporary. In modern world, its materialism that holds the attention. 


Associating with tradition can be a path to self-discovery. Holding to it versus merely copying the masses can help fulfill the yearning of spirit to unfurl its self.    


Traditions may have different interpretation to different people in different times and different places. No doubt benefits associated with commonality of today results in many advantages and we should continue to adapt. However being a contemporary cannot become an excuse for letting go of the past.


We need to make full effort to discover our own path for today but also maintain the passion to hold to traditions and not shy from walking these with the same determination as our forefathers. 


Photographing Tibetans in their traditional dresses at Tashilhunpo monastery (Shigatse, Tibet) got me thinking about the need to walk the path between traditional and contemporary styles.


Photo : A family visiting Tashilhunpo monastery, Tibet


Photo : A man at Tashilhunpo monastery, Tibet


Photo : Portrait of a girl at Tashilhunpo monastery, Tibet


Photo : A family at Tashilhunpo monastery, Tibet


Photo : Family portrait at Tashilhunpo monastery, Tibet


Photo : Father and baby at Tashilhunpo monastery, Tibet


Photo : Traditional boots, Tashilhunpo monastery, Tibet


  1. Dhruv Jolly

    Dear Amardeep,

    Brilliant Awesome

  2. Karamjeet Singh

    Very Natural and colorful.The subject ‘Tradition Vs Modernity’ is a good debate regarding accepting change.But nature has its own laws called ‘evolution’.There is a constant change occuring influenced by many factors and change is faster in a materialistic society.Sikhs are still holding on to Traditions due to a system of introspection and community interactions.How long only time will tell.Thanks for nice pictures!!!

  3. Surupa Chatterjee

    Wonderful colours and people and Yes its a constant conflict of the two sides—traditional vs contemporary…and in that conflict and effort something wonderful can take creation…..Loved this ….

  4. Bahadur singh

    good work Amardeep! 🙂

  5. Tradition is very much lost on us today. The situation gets worse and worse. Look at what is happening with the modern postural yoga industry where the sense of lineage or parampara is openly scorned and where so-called “yoga teachers” are authorised by corporate watchdog organisations. Through aggressive investment and replication of the model the corporate model becomes the norm. Gurus are irrelevant vestiges of the past.

  6. Ruchika

    Wow this is Excellent.So true we need to balance both tradition plus modern else what’s left for the next generation.Lovely pics as always and well elaborated.

  7. Arjit Mahal

    Amazing photography. Great work

  8. adarsh

    Very interesting views with beautiful n colourful pictures , very well depicted!!

  9. Jose

    Nice work, old friend. We are making our own traditions now.

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