Mount Batok

Mount Batok

Sometimes beauty is overshadowed by popularity!

Mount Bromo (2,392m) in Indonesia is popular because it is an active volcano, constantly throwing hot gases. In it’s distant horizon lies the larger Mount Sumeru (3,676m), which is also active.

Mount Batok (2,470m), though lying adjacent to Mount Bromo, is overshadowed by the latter. With a perfect triangular mountain top, rising from a sea of volcanic ash surrounding the Mount Bromo caldera, Mount Batok also has it’s own beauty. Though it looks like an active volcano, it is dormant, having erupted a few centuries back. It’s harsh and patchy slopes are the reminiscence of past volcanic activity.

Mount Batok, Indonesia

Mount Batok, Indonesia

Mount Batok, Indonesia

Mount Batok, Indonesia

Mount Batok, Indonesia

Mount Batok, Indonesia

Mount Batok, Indonesia

Mount Batok, Indonesia

Mount Batok, Indonesia



  1. Dhiraj

    Awesome. Great shot of 3 horsemen against the humongous backdrop of an active Volcano.

  2. dimple kaur


  3. Gurmeet Singh Ranghar

    Stark reality of the awesome powers that shape the world around….catastrophic yet creative..thanks for letting us view the magic

  4. Ajay Tripathi

    Great photography. Never knew about it! Each photo shows a different world altogether!

  5. bahadur Singh

    all shots are good but the first one is awesome. good work

  6. Surupa Chatterjee

    Spellbound….it just touches you in a deep way…all your works and we all I think i.e your readers and audience secretly hope to accompany you just to witness how you whip such magic, time and again….

  7. Harpreet Singh

    all shots are amazing but second last is unbelievable

  8. kishore kumar biswas

    Thanks Amardeep . Just felt mesmerized. My words like to remain silent in front of such awesome beauty. These pictures not only bring the beauty of the nature but also the ” vision ” of an great artist like you. I always feel fortunate to watch your creative work , it it a lifetime pleasure to have a friend like you.
    In your photo-series you always present the wonder of the nature and human world. Our known and unknown world come before us with all their inner beauty.Your pictures says us it is beautiful to be in this world. Grateful to you Amardeep.
    Your blog reminds me one line of Kahlil Zibran ..” Beauty is the charm of those who watch .”
    God bless you.

  9. Dr Inderjit Singh sindhu

    Very nice photographs of mountains , hv not seen like that before . Marvelous . Thanks

  10. Mei Ken

    Wow. Amazing. Thanks for sharing all these studies, research and history

  11. mount batok is not an active volcano, but only mount bromo side of mount batok, and right now getting eruption… the latest news
    but mount Bromo is still spectacular

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