He will take care!

He will take care!

Recent calamity caused by floods (Sep 2014) in Kashmir Valley has uprooted thousands.


We have closely followed this catastrophic event as large members of our clan reside in Srinagar. Good thing first, everyone has been rescued. For three days there was total information black-out. It was a tiring time for well-wishers of everyone who had someone staying in the Kashmir Valley. Our rescued relatives have found the first point of shelter in Sikh Temples (Gurudwaras) across Srinagar valley, where relief groups are making their best effort to manage the psychological and physical impact.  As information starts flowing in, we learn of the horrifying experiences. Water entered Srinagar without warning, breaching river banks. In matter of hours, it rose to second level of the houses. People were trapped for three days on roofs and the third floor of their houses, without food, water, electricity, communication or any form of help.


My cousins house at Jawahar Nagar was not strong enough to bear the onslaught of rising water. They made their escape by breaking the adjoining wall of neighbors house on the third floor. We all know that India is a land of diversity. In testing times like these, it is heartening to learn that this neighbors family, a muslim by religion, sheltered over thirty people from adjoining houses, who were Sikhs and Hindus. This is a true reflection of humanity.


I remain worried about two aged people, Ishar Singh and Uttam Kaur, whom I had interviewed (read the story at TWO SIDES OF A COIN) in their small ground floor shacks in July 2014. The short time in which water rose to such high levels, there would be remote chance of survival as they lived right next to the river bank and did not have any high level floors to escape to.

My heart goes out for everyone who has had to face this challenge and let’s pray for the well being of every resident of the valley.


For the members of our clan, in a period of 67 years, this is the third uprooting that they have had to embrace. Firstly, the partition of India in 1947, forced them to leave everything in their villages around Muzaffarabad area (now in Pakistan Kashmir) and move to Srinagar. Then during Kashmir insurgency (militancy), a period from 1987 – 2004, they took a severe economic beating but chose not to leave the valley and managed this period with a brave face. Now in 2014, they have again lost everything in these floods. They are resilient and I know will soon find a new equilibrium because they have faith that “HE WILL TAKE CARE!”.


At this time the need for food and shelter is of paramount focus for the people of Srinagar.

I am reminded that Creators essence is to take care of his beings. These very thoughts were in my mind when I was photographing the most barren and bald high altitude regions of Padum (Zanskar, India). A mere sight of these land masses left me wondering how can life ever survive here. But even in these barren regions, the Creator provides all means for his beings to find nourishment.


Guru Arjan Dev on page 10 of Adi Granth, says that even if He creates life in barren rocks, He also ensures to provide them with nourishment.


sail pathar mah jant upāē tā kā rijak āgai kar dhariā .

                     (Adi Granth, page 724, Guru Arjan Dev)



In rocks and stones He creates living beings;

However also arranges to place nourishment before them.


The Creator may have his reasons for creating challenging situations and we mortals need to learn to accept them but we also need to have faith that HE WILL TAKE CARE.

Guru Arjan Dev on page 724 of Adi Granth, reminds us not to worry as the Creator also ensures to provide nourishment.


tū kāhē dōlah prānīā tudh rākhaigā sirajanahār
jin paidāis tū kīā sōī dēi ādhār.

             (Adi Granth, page 724, Guru Arjan Dev)



Why do you waver, O mortal being? Creator Himself protects.
He who created you, will always take care to provide nourishment.


With these thoughts I leave with the pictures of the barren mountain regions of Padum, where life has found its way to feed themselves.

I realize it is hard for the impacted people of Kashmir but let’s have faith that CREATOR WILL TAKE CARE!


Photo : If he Creates, He ensures Survival.


Photo : If he Creates, He ensures Survival.



Photo : If he Creates, He ensures Survival.


Photo : If he Creates, He ensures Survival.


Photo : If he Creates, He ensures Survival.


Photo : If he Creates, He ensures Survival.


Photo : If he Creates, He ensures Survival.


  1. Sonil Mehra

    They are barren from their inception or due to de forestation ? Rapid felling of trees was a major cause of rain water hurtling down unopposed and causing devastation. No soil on mountains to absorb water. Secondly most water exit points were blocked due to unplanned constructions water remained and accumulated in a small area and became an artificial lake. Great photographs.

  2. Surupa Chatterjee

    Thank you for reaching this to us and I do remember those poor souls…I hope a miracle saved them

  3. Karamjeet Singh

    A very descriptive analogy of the Creator-he could be a destroyer and a savior.I would recommend these photographs to be used by the city & town planners to find safe locations.The elevation and the ridges are safe,housing in the valley with close proximity to the rivers is proving disastrous.Forestation is essential.Very nice photos and thought provoking writeup.

  4. kawal nain singh

    True but is this a punishment or a warning or testing tlme

  5. Manpreet

    Hi Amardeep, i have been following your photography, what a passion you have, i have heard about you from gurmeet ji and jasvinder a lot, i just read this article, and i do believe what you mean. Thank you god for saving gurmeet ji’s family and many more trapped.

  6. yoginder sharma

    Creative photography and sensitive write-up -both from the heart. Bravo!
    My family is also Muzaffarabadi- connect if you care at the given email id!

  7. Jasmeet Kaur

    I hope the brother-sister duo survived!

  8. Amrita Sehdave

    As always, it is very well written. I hope people and Govt wakes up and do something about it. Plan the whole city again keep environment in mind

  9. Amarjit Singh


  10. Milton D'Silva

    Yes, when things are beyond human control…

  11. Ravinderpal Kaur

    As always my Waheguru will take care

  12. I loved your photography but loved the writeup even more…..the depth of your thoughts gives me hope, and maybe the message will be absorbed in hearts , just as you say , if He creates , He ensures survival…..I pray He instills humanity in humans , so that they become even more humane……Thank you.

  13. vasuuvijayakumaran

    yes sure some time Absolute in anti clock-wise

  14. Gurmeet Singh Ranghar

    Hi Amardeep…thanks for your poignant connection between all aspects.
    The human tragedy sets survival instincts surfacing. Time and again, like nomads we face the uphill task of rebirth.

  15. adarsh goindi

    Your pictures are excellent and the writeup is heart touching, what happened in J n K is scary n tragic….whatever the reasons…. may they evolve stronger than ever and may God ensure their well being . Also as mentioned by you and many other reports this tragedy has brought humans together, beyond being Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs …..and so on, may humanity survive…..probably its God’s way….( ” forgive me o’Lord, its a major statement to make”).

  16. Gurpreet Singh Anand

    “Jiske Sir Upar Tu Swami
    So Dukh Kaisa Pawe.”

    When Art soothes troubled minds and souls – Amardeep Singh Ji’s take on Floods and the havoc they have caused in Kashmir ….

  17. Beautiful shots n v well written..but I wonder why alwaz Kashmir..and at the end only Kashmiri’s suffer and have to pay the price of a war..terrorism..natural catastrophe or harsh winters..THis is the most beautiful place on earth ..but aren’t we paying a heavy price for this ..

  18. Dear Amardeep
    Everything HAPPENS ACCORDING TO HIS WILL that’s why when he creates he ensures its survival
    Satsangi n p

  19. Harbans Singh Khakh

    It has been a heartstopping time watching the tragedy unfold. Especially having health and other issues makes this tragic circumstances faced by the unfortunate residents of Kashmir even more unbearable. Feeling so helpless in not being able to do anything about it. Only pray that The Creator will tend to His creation!

  20. Devika Sikka

    Very deep.

  21. kishore kumar biswas

    Nothing is void and meaningless in the divine ” creation ” . It is wonder how the whole creation is in favor of ” life” . There is life even in burning desert, desolate barren land , frozen places enveloped with snow .Our creator is kind towards life. We are provided with all necessities to survive.
    Time and again natural calamities devastate human life. But the indomitable spirit of life lives on . We somehow with our inborn instinct find ways to live again leaving the destruction. This instinct is the divine gift for us.
    here Amardeep with heart touching note and magnetic snaps brought a ” truth ‘ of human life.

  22. mrignain kaur

    my heart goes out for all in kashmir. srinagar has so many childhood memories attached with . ifeel sad may waheguruji bless all

  23. amarjeet kaur

    Dear Amardeep,first of all I salute Indian military for how they evacuated stranded people in Kashmir flood havoc.I came to listen the sad stories by our beloveds how they were carried by boat via 22ft water route ……very that time I was thinking about those brother sister whom you mentioned before. Kashmir’ geography is beautiful but it’s full of difficulties……yes these photos are taken before a little time yet these barren mountains tell the story of people living and facing all the time with disasters as you written befoe…..wow the photos of mountains are beautiful.These are looking as the photographs are taken from any other planet. I never saw before these type of rocks.As well your writing leaves something to think about…..how difficult is to survive in such places but God has given two hands to man and they grow something below these areas.It is right……sail patthar mein jant upaye taka rijak aage kar dhareya (Sri guru granth sahib ji ). The people who have lost everything, will regain by the grace of God with their two hands. I pray to God. I hope every time you are going to take some more interesting photography and writing..Bless you.

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