Datti makes us proud

Datti makes us proud

Our younger daughter, Datti Kaur was assigned a challenging assignment by her Art teacher to transform a match box. We were impressed with what she finally created. A replica of Canon EOS 1100D digital camera.

In the recent parent-teacher meet, her Art teacher summarized her art effort as “WOW”.

Datti makes us proud and we encourage her to continue to grow her creative bone.


  1. Wow indeed! Our girl always makes us proud by being just who she is! Bless her.

  2. Hey, you left off “again” in the title line!

    That is a pretty awesome output. Clearly she enjoyed the challenge and put pride into her work. Good show.

  3. Manpreet Singh

    Like father like daughter : Both very creative and passionate

  4. Sandhya

    Datti is not only creative but quite an observant girl. Please convey this to her and let her know that her work is much appreciated.

  5. Satinder Rekhi

    Great work by Datti. I would give a little credit to Dad too for this. 🙂

  6. too gud Datti…. keep it up…. 🙂

  7. Fabulous “out of the box” thinking!

  8. Manpreet

    Excellent work,keep it up,i will surely share with my kids

  9. yasi abab

    nice work done

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