Shungatser – The landslide lake

Shungatser – The landslide lake



Sculpts daily.



Shungatser lake is situated at 14,500 feet, about 42 Km from Tawang, in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. It was originally a grazing ground but the massive landslide of 1950 transformed it into a large lake, submerging the entire forest.


This lake is a testimony that nature never tires from sculpting. Daily it makes an effort to transform itself for the future.


We being a part of nature, need to learn that anything we undertake in our life, requires years of effort to make it presentable.


Photo : Shungatser lake.



Photo : Shungatser lake.



Photo : Shungatser lake.



Photo : Shungatser lake.



Photo : Shungatser lake.


  1. Srikanth

    Outstanding! Love your research and commentary as much as your photography!

  2. Raj Mehta

    Quality pics.

  3. Dhruv Jolly


  4. Charu

    Absolutel stunning. The magnificent forces of nature do sculpt beautifully but your portrayal of these images is what etches them so deeply in my mind.

  5. Dhiaj


  6. Surupa Chatterjee

    Stunning tranquility and nature captured and the vastness beyond human grasp….Arunachal Pradesh is truly mystical and has a raw beauty thankfully yet to be discovered…hoping you will take your sensitivity and vision there once again and come back to share with us more…

  7. Karamjeet Singh

    Amazingly beautiful photographs! It also conveys that nature is ever evolving-better or worse,could be either way.I personally like the hut amidst tranquility,what could be more blissful than a few days of encampment at Shungatser Lake.Thanks Amardeep!!!

  8. Geetali

    Amardeep, you have just added a destination to my travel bucket list. Your photographs are always mesmerising (sorry, I keep using the same phrase, but am running out adjectives to describe your photos). This present lot has a wonderful meditative quality.
    Grateful that you choose to share your vision.

  9. Shailendra Aima

    You and your pics are a class apart from the rest.

  10. Alok Bhatnagar

    Amongst the locals its called Madhuri lake……….!

  11. Capt Suresh Sharma

    The beauty of this photograph is beyond words…good work and information…

  12. Kishore kumar Biswas

    Nature has a treasure box with unending treasure. It also teaches us the virtue of life if we want to listen . It teaches us to try to be in harmony with rhythm of the universe. Our senses , our vision get soiled from the touch of our daily life. Being confined in our gross necessities we often remain unaware that we are also part of the beauty and rhythm of the universe.
    Artist like Amardeep through their aesthetic creation bring back our lost sense and make us aware of the eternal truth that we are the part of the universe . Then our broken tune of life get back it’s melody to be a part of natural symphony.
    We are grateful to Amardeep that his creative work helps us to find our lost ” self “.

  13. jasmeet

    your writing a forward for your photographs is akin to giving a soul to a body. Amateurs and novices like me find a way to connect. Thanx….but why is there a kind of speckled look to the photographs….we notice it on the twigs jutting out of the water, on the mountains and the terrain….though no doubt it adds to the beauty of the photographs… this is beyond the vision of our eyes

  14. NICE write up and photos

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