Shooting in the Graveyard

Shooting in the Graveyard

Shooting in a graveyard, my objective was to contrast the model against the gloominess of background.













  1. Nayan Deep KAur

    Sometimes, a weird place can give you the best.
    Nice pictures.
    Brave girl.

  2. Devika

    Very uniquely creative!!

  3. Diaz Siaz

    You achieved the eerie feeling in a very artistic angle. Good job !

  4. Harawant Singh

    Out of curiosity, the statue is indicative of Christian graves, but the crosses seem to be missing from each of the grave.

    And the thought of gramophone??? Excellent subjects, made the shots very interesting.

    The other thing, how do you merge colors to the black/white background? Excellent photography.

  5. Hi Amardeep….Stunning model. I am not a fan of angle shots, or slanted photos, but what you have done is interesting. I kinda prefer the natural straight shot!!!!

  6. Aniruddha Deshpande

    Fabulous. Really nicely done. You created a great mood.


  8. Bhuvan

    good show Amardeep ji… keep clicking… 🙂

  9. rajdeep singh sabharwal

    Very creative work

  10. Ruchika Singh

    Agree so true and the object was accomplished.Superb.

  11. Surupa Chatterjee

    A very different one from you but very successfully done to show the two sides of life and death–colour and darkness…I love graveyards and things beyond our sixth sense–in a different realm

  12. Meenu Kochhar

    Stunning pictures as always. Background is creatively beautiful with equally beautiful model.

  13. kishore kumar biswas

    Anything when is put on a background of ” contrast ” gets a different meaning . It’s individuality comes more sharp , it’s characteristics more clear.It sharpens the contour of the thing.
    Here Amardeep put ‘ life ‘ on the canvas of ‘ death ‘. He painted the picture on the canvas of contrast. The pale lifeless background gave more glow to the life.Glowing life became more radiant on the background of dark nothingness. These snaps carry his innovative idea.
    His preference to ” light’ than ‘ darkness ‘ is evident here . His soul seeks light not darkness.

  14. Satinder Rekhi

    The eyes are deadly! How do you find such girls? 🙂

  15. amarjeet kaur

    Photos leave an strong effect as backgrounds are dull coloured so a bright colour gets up on IMPRESSIVE………….wow. But this task is done only by a BRAVE person.

  16. You have brought death to life in ur pics. Amardeep.

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