Seven decades after the searing partition of 1947, the Sikh community continues to yearn to experience its glorious heritage abandoned across Pakistan. For those fortunate few able to visit the country, they remain confined to a handful of functional gurdwaras. Would the heritage of the land where Sikhism was born and the Sikhs had created an empire have been limited to just these few functional gurdwaras? What about the magnificence of the scores of historic monuments, forts, battlegrounds, places of worship, commercial and residential establishments and art associated with the community?


Driven by a deep rooted desire to delve into the vestiges, armed with passion, I ventured deep into Pakistan. During a month long journey across West Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Pakistan Administered Kashmir, an invisible force was supporting my pursuit. I had entered the country with just a desire and faith but as I connected with like-minded people, all came together to help. My search, while focused primarily on discovering the state of Sikh legacy, incorporated Hindu and Muslim aspects that had association with the Sikhs.


The scope of exploration encompassed the community’s cultural, social, philosophical and martial aspects between 15th and 21st century?


On return to Singapore, as I was revisiting the 19th century travelogues of the Europeans who had then travelled across the Sikh empire, I wondered, whether I too should document my experiences! Could this work serve as a window for future generations to comprehend some aspects of our heritage that will soon cease to exist?


‘LOST HERITAGE – The Sikh Legacy in Pakistan’, a 60 chapter narrative in over 50,000 words, interspersed with 523 photographs presents the diverse remnants of the community across the country.


I invite you to experience the scope of the book, scheduled to be released in Dec 2015.

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  1. Shahid Shabbir

    Wish you all the best veer ji i am really very happy to see all about your research . Hope your book will be a popular book of the world my all best wishes are with you ..

  2. Masood Akhtar Janjua

    Looking forward to reading this book. Hope it will meet away myth about Pakistan and encourage further tourism. Preserving Sikh history is preserving Pakistan history.

  3. The introduction is perfect!

  4. Gurvinder Gumani

    Very well desrved effort. Amardeep, I sincerely wish you a lot of success. Also I am sure, the contents of the book will open up many fields for other scholars as well and encourage them to delve more deeply into our cultural heritage.

  5. Jaspreet Singh

    Amardeep Veer ji, looking forward to reading the book. It has always been my dream to see the other Punjab. Thanks to you I can see it before I live it. Your efforts to preserve Sikh snd Punjab history is superb.

  6. Masood Akhtar Janjua

    Excellent endeavor to bring plight of hundred of Gurdwaras and temples scattered throughout length and breadth of Punjab to the general public. This may inculcate awareness, drive and motivation to preserve them. One interesting point that Amardeep mentioned while visiting Mandir at Taxila is that these Gurdwaras and temples are property of Pakistan now and have immense potential to attract foreign tourist to this land!

  7. Sukhindarpal Singh

    You must have had a hard time selecting only 512 photos. Gururakha

  8. Ramandeep

    Very good initiative Amardeep Singh g….MubarkaanVery good initiative Amardeep Singh g…. Mubarkaan

  9. Sukh Dhaliwal

    I just finished reading your piece about General Zoravar Singh. Marvellous I must say brother. Hats off to you. I had never heard of this general. I really look forward to your book. By the way have you thought of putting out a comprehensive time lined book covering your Sikh history discoveries. I know other such books may already exist but something with a 21st century touch. Almost a travalog of your explorations? You write well…

  10. Ross Teschendorff

    Hello Amardeep this is a beautiful book. I look forward to obtaining a copy and feel proud to have been an associate of yours.

  11. Milton D'Silva

    All the best for this labour of love…shall look forward to reading it!

  12. Dharminder Singh

    Advanced order placed. Looking forward to this.

  13. Jaideep Sahney

    Congratulations Amardeep! Looking forward to getting buying a copy soon!

  14. amarjeet kaur

    Congratulations Amardeep and Nicky. I am eagerly waiting for the book….. It’s excellent to get knowledge about our partial history………….

  15. Vithya Subramaniam

    Congratulations Amardeep! Was just speaking with my supervisor about the issue of remembering sites in Pakistan!

  16. Purnendu Sinha

    Congratulations.. read a few articles earlier posted by you… Looking forward to seeing the book… All the best.

  17. Dhanashree Sharma

    Many congrats!

  18. Mahesh Bulchandani

    Wonderful Amardeep. This one has to be a must read. Looking forward to it.

  19. Autar Singh

    Great to see the release date being finalised. Congratulations…

  20. Gurbir Brar

    Congratulations, Amardeep Singh jiyo. Have always enjoyed your gorgeous imagery and lucid narration. Look forward to ordering a copy.

  21. Man that is a legacy. I’m so proud to just be associated with you. Your photographs, your writing ls, your experiences – they are ethereal.

  22. Nazar Hayat Khan

    Great work .. Amardeep Singh Bhai …. This is your country …. Best wishes & always welcome …

  23. Damandeep Singh Sandhanwalia

    It requires painstaking efforts in coming up with such a great piece of work! Congratulations!

  24. Raj Chotrani

    Looking forward to seeing these beauties….u should also inform Pak High Commission… they might be interested in knowing this…

  25. Moninder SIngh Modgil

    Great work Amardeep!

  26. Congratulations Sir on this achievement , looks very interesting and I am certain this will become an essential reference when it comes to Sikh History and Legacy..Look forward to reading it

  27. Ajay Tripathi

    A much awaited book! Introduction is alluring.

    • Ajay Tripathi

      I completed reading this much awaited book last week. Each an every page and every photo in this book has such an appeal that one keep looking into it and tries to find something by going into the time it’s talking about.
      While the photography is of highest standard only seen in National Geographic magazine, your passion and efforts in reaching these places is extra ordinary. The book also shows the cumbersome home work you must have done prior taking this journey.
      Each chapters & photograph of this book lead readers to that era and let him re-run the history and events behind it. While it shows a great culture which once existed in those areas, sadly it also shows how time has changed the societies and communities.


  28. Hardeep Singh Matharu

    Eagerly waiting to get my hands on this book.

  29. Balvinder Singh

    Congrats Amardeep Singh…I look forward to having my autographed copy…

  30. Himadri Banerjee

    Wonderful news to thousands who had earlier left their home, undertaken devastating journeys through difficult terrains, and could never again there look back many emotions and tears. I salute him who had inspired you to take the first step and continued to stimulate your thought so that you may go back there which they had left behind. It is an invisible burden of your predecessors which you have preserved within to journey there along their prints and beyond.
    You have tried to envision what no INDIAN SCHOLAR who are engaged in the community’s past within the limits of the subcontinent could not contemplate. You remind me the writings of great authors like Drew, Lawrence,and Mason.
    Many you live hundred years.
    With ever lasting love and friendship across territorial boundaries and generational divide.

  31. charanjeet singh

    Such a wonderfull job u do amardeep singh we wait for ur next visit in pak…..

  32. Vanit Nalwa

    Amardeep, your achievement is simply mind boggling…you have accomplished in one year what others could not in a lifetime! Simply unbelievable…The photographs are breathtakingly beautiful and evocative…Katas Raj for instance. Wow!

  33. Arjit Mahal

    Dear Amardeepji: Congratulations on your book. I am placing my order now and will spread the word as well. I am proud of your achievement – which only comes from passion and hard work. Bravo.

  34. Sukhdeve Brar

    Looking forward to reading this book. It had been my dream to see the Punjab left behind in 1947. Preserving SIKH history cuitural heritage. I am placing my order now. I am proud of you Veer Ji and your Achievement

  35. Surupa Chatterjee

    Congratulations on completing perhaps your Magnum Opus. A keen readership awaits to turn the pages with marvel, admiration and new perspective. All the very best for 15th December 2015.

  36. Inderjeet Singh

    This will be an excellent New Year present from you to us.

  37. Dibagh Phull

    I recently read quite a few articles of yours, illustrated with some superb photography, in sikhnet.com, with the result that I became one of your innumerable fans.

    Thus when I saw the blurb about the Lost Heritage in Pakistan last night, I placed an advance order immediately, assuming that coming from you it must be good!

    Best wishes, good luck and great success with you forthcoming Lost Heritage.

  38. Pankaj Handa

    Sir Ji – Tussi Great Ho !! Your passion for your work is truly inspiring .

  39. Yoginder Sharma

    Great work-labour of love indeed!

  40. Ranjit Singh Bhogal

    Well done sir …… it’s a great contribution to history….. very well done

  41. Navamani Krishnan

    I know it will be an awesome book. Good wishes.

  42. kishore kumar biswas

    Congratulation Amardeep . Great news this is. You on a noble mission searched out the traces of a great heritage still visible in fragmented part of a country that was partitioned in the course of history. The tradition of and history of a country to great extent suffered from the partition. The then turbulent time wrecked many signatures of traditions . You searched out the traces that are still visible and speak of a great tradition.
    There are some good persons in Pakistan like Shahid Shabbir , Farhan Wilayat who are keen and serious to find and preserve the heritage of their country. You may know these persons. I believe they will be glad to see your magnificent work which shows how rich was the heritage of their country.
    I wish and believe that your pictorial history book will be highly acclaimed by the readers .
    Regards to you.

  43. Ajit Singh Nagpal

    ‘A work of Passion’…..that is the only way to approach such a subject. Can’t wait to get my hands on the book. The little (legacy & heritage) that has been recorded by writers on Sikhi, tells me that you’ve opened a ‘Pandoras-Box’, and indeed timely. The Sikhs like the Jews have been persecuted throughout history; a warrior race (made by circumstances), have excelled all over the world. Hope that this brings some unity to its people all over the world.

  44. Bikram Singh

    Congratulations Amardeep ji. All the best and looking forward to get a copy. Am sure Sikh community will love your work and success of the book will motivate you for the further versions.

  45. Gurmit singh

    Truely a great work out of passion and devotion.Shall inspire historians and Sikh masses for generations to come.If this is the condition after 7 decades of abandoning,imagine what will be the condition after another 5 decades or so,these would cease to exist,and at that time this book of yours shall be more sought after. SGPC should declare it a reference book and take up matter with concerned authorities for maintaining these places so that the same are preserved and act as source of inspiration for people interested in Sikh legacy and heritage. As of now Sikh gentleman particularly from India are denied access to these places,matters needs to perused with Govt. Of PAk.for allowing access to these places as this would boost tourism in Pakistan. …I wish you and Nikky all the best and hope you persue your passion further and give us many more books on different subjects.GOD BLESS YOU.

  46. Salwant

    I would like to order this book. Please send me details

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