Guns of Nihangs

Guns of Nihangs

Nihangs, the last guardians of the Sikh martial spirit, roam freely across the Punjab (western state of India). Their nomadic lifestyle is dedicated to praying the almighty and practicing the Sikh martial arts. They maintain these traditions from the time of the 10th Sikh Guru, who left this world in 1708 AD.


A description of them from an ancient text (Prachin Panth Prakash) is what we can continue to see today.


“Where the Khalsa (Sikh Army) had set camp the war drums were being beaten and battle standards were raised. He arrived at where the Singhs were based. Ahead he could see where the Singhs were congregating. The musicians sung the Gurus hymns while others read the scriptures. Some were grounding sukha (cannabis) and others were preparing mahaparshad (meat). Some Singhs were cleaning and sharpening their weapons. Some trained in archery while other did target practise with their muskets. The Singhs massaged each other while others fanned the congregation. Some set off far to fetch water for the Singhs to bathe in…Running around the Singhs served one another”. (Prachin Panth Parkash)


Each year, during the spring festival of Holla Mohalla, the Nihangs still come together at Anandpur Sahib (Punjab) from all corners. It is their time to show the world their dedication to the ancient martial traditions of the Sikhs.


In creating this series of “Guns of Nihangs”, I broke the barrier by striking dialogue with them. Having demonstrated my intent, I was able to partner in making them pose with their Guns around their tented habitats.



Guns of Nihangs

Guns of Nihangs


Guns of Nihangs


Guns of Nihangs


Guns of Nihangs


Guns of Nihangs


Guns of Nihangs


Guns of Nihangs


Guns of Nihangs


Guns of Nihangs


Guns of Nihangs


Guns of Nihangs


Guns of Nihangs


  1. Great effort. Very nice shots. Congratulations!

  2. Tajir Singh


    very good thanks! Awesome pictures – they are going to be my wallpaper! Waheguru ji ka Khalsa , Waheguru ji ki Fateh!

  3. Parmeet

    Awesome shots!

  4. Jas Singh

    VaheGuru – These are amazing!

  5. amarjeet kaur

    You have taken very rare unbelievable moments in your camera.lliked it.

  6. Surupa Chatterjee

    The Camera assumes its own life when placed in your hands…Brilliant

  7. Gurpreet Singh

    Awesome pictures Amardeepji…….another fantastic attempt!!!

  8. hammad

    Amardeep g, I showed all your previous collection to 2-3 National College of arts Lahore students, and they were really impressed. this Nihang photo shoot will definitely impress them, as the basic three colors and the contrast between those three colors, blue main, is just wonderful. onething that comes in mind at once is that “if all these warriors always wear that clean cloths?

  9. Geetali

    Amardeep, you continue to surprise and amaze with your photographic insights. Thank you for this wonderful share.

  10. Mantosh

    you are a master at bringing our the subjects by the use of light and some very interesting and natural backgrounds.

  11. Indermeet Sial

    yet another masterpiece!

  12. mustafa

    Vahe Garu…amazing pics!
    Loved pic 3…

  13. Pradeep K Sharme

    I used to see their congregation in 80s while travelling to NFL – Nangal (our client) from Chandigarh via Anandpur Sahib. Singh is King !

  14. Arjit Mahal

    Great history aspect of this traditional sect along with their way of life pictures. Very well done

  15. Nilofar Lilli Afzal

    Love the guns and the colour.

  16. Ashmeet Sidhu

    As always, inspiring work by Amardeep.

  17. Ramanuj Ghosh

    i am always fascinated by the nihang sikhs

  18. Harmeet Singh


  19. Bhavjeet

    Lovely shots

  20. Amarpal Matharu

    Amardeep, you do an amazing job in researching and taking photographs of Sikh history! Congratulations! We truly enjoy going through the photographs.

  21. Rajan Bahadur

    Can see a lot of passion and hard work put into this..terrific and very well done.

  22. amarjeet kaur

    Amardeep,very Sharp photography and you have taken excellent photos.Iknow you have taken very rare shots but here you have attached only those photos which show guns according to your subject. How beautifully they all are wearing their dresses. It seems an army.once I went to machhiwarha and saw these nihangs there.These nings are long in height.Nice to know more about them.

  23. Himadri Banerjee

    First, I must say: Oh! These are wonderful profiles of the Singh Nihangs. Thank you very much Amaradeep ji that I could get a glimpse of these people who often stand away from many other Sikhs. Their bold personality is prominent in these shots.I have seen a few of them recently in Nanded Sahib. They were having bigger sized headgears, here are possibly some differences. The study of Nidar Singh and Parmjit Singh (In the Service of the Master) also points a similar tradition.To me it is a deeply interesting world. Thank you Amadeep for bring to these lively photographs of Nihangs.

  24. Karandeep Singh

    The guns in 5th pic costs how much and do they need licence for buying and do they really fire real rounds and from where they are bought?
    What is the cost and name of cheapest gun?

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