Exhibition – Naam Ras 2014 @ Singapore Expo

Exhibition – Naam Ras 2014 @ Singapore Expo

Today was the third day of my photo art exhibition at the Naam Ras 2014, hosted at Singapore Expo Hall 7. Many viewers congratulated on the unique perspectives of the Golden Temple and Nihang series, some asking to give personalized round of the exhibits.


A few years back as I struggled, trying to inculcate my passion, I would despair at ever being able to reach the levels of my role model artists. However I would reinforce myself to be diligent as that is the only way to get to where one desires. During this exhibition, I contemplated where I stand on my journey, which doesn’t end here.


Thanks to the organizers of Naam Ras 2014 for their confidence in my work and to the viewers for their kind words.


Below are photos of the 30 canvas prints that will be on display till tomorrow evening.













  1. kishore kumar Biswas

    Thanks Amardeep for sharing . Congrats. Feel proud of being your friend. You are a creative man. Your picture speak a lot for the viewer. They give a message for us . It says life is beautiful , the universe is vivid.
    Wish you best.

  2. Jasvinder Sudan

    Congrats Veerji. Well done keep it up.

  3. Neeraj Mee

    Congratulations Amardeep, wishing you many more successes in future

  4. Great show, Congratulations and many more. Religion expressed through truth (Self speaking pics)

  5. Vineet Singh Bakshi

    That’s the way.. Cheers

  6. Balbir Singh

    Congrats amardeep v nice you are perfect
    In fine art I like your job.

  7. Manjeet Singh Usma

    Enjoyed viewing your photography at the exhibition. Every photo speaks a thousand words or more. Great Sikhi Visuals.

  8. Mustafa

    Amar….I want the nk to your pics on the gokden temple….mustafa herel

  9. har preet


  10. Congratulations Bhaiya, this is indeed great news, am sure there are many more to come.

  11. Congratulations . Perfect timing . May you keep progressing further on this journey

  12. Raj Mehta

    Well deserved accolades.

  13. Marc Halpern

    AWESOME. Congrats Amardeep. You are an amazing and inspiring individual.

  14. Dhiraj Bhamray

    Way to go Amardeep!! Best Wishes.

  15. Minty Doshi

    Amazing pics …congratulations

  16. Raj Gedhu

    Congratulations, Amardeep!

  17. Ruchika Singh

    Wow….Heartiest Congratulations wish could view it personally…Love it great job done

  18. Ashmeet Sidhu

    Congrats Amardeep. Hope to see your work here in Chandigarh some day.

  19. Guddi Kapoor

    Amardeep hey wonderful keep it up

  20. Jaskaran Sangha

    Amardeep ji looks like a great exhibition. I hope those of us sitting far get to to view all the amazing photographs on your website?

  21. Geetali Tare

    Congratulations, Amardeep.
    I so wish I’d known you when I lived in singapore. It would have been marvellous to see your work in person.

  22. Gurmeet Singh

    Congratulations ! Looking real good .

  23. Karamjeet Singh

    Dear Amardeep!
    Congratulations! You deserved it…its your sheer hard work and love of exploration.
    Good luck to you!!!

  24. Ash Singh

    Amazing stuff! One of the highlights of the exhibition. Shouldn’t be missed!

  25. Ajeet Kaur

    Congratulations amardeep ji

  26. Congratulations on your first exhibition. It certainly is the first of many more exhibitions and accolades to come. Your brilliant ability to see the uniqueness in anything that you photograph is something that I greatly admire. The brilliant story teller that you are brings these photographs alive. The colours, angles and dimensions of each and every picture is a pure treat to the soul! I mean this from the bottom of my heart.
    I may not write to you often or comment on your photographs often, but please do remember that you have a big admirer of your work, here in Hong Kong.

  27. Dolly Sidhu

    They are spectacular with beauty in each capture.

  28. Lalwani Haresh Ramchand

    Superb! God bless! Every photo says something.

  29. Vineettrakroo

    congrats Amardeep, put some pics on fb too

  30. Awesome …… 🙂

  31. amarjeet kaur

    Dear Amardeep I am very happy to see your success which has come today as an exhibition. Really may be your dream could come true.Behind this fruitful incidence we can see your hard work and devotion. It takes time but one’s bowl would not be empty to get fruits. I know you from your childhood …..you work is always efficient. God bless you. A part of credit goes to your family that they cooperate you.well you make your viewers happy.I wish I could see your work as an exhibition. CONGRATULATIONS……………

  32. Masood Akhtar

    Great Amardeep Singh ji. You are really really incredible.

  33. Surupa Chatterjee

    Wishing you the best…know it will be a hit…

  34. Avinash Kaur

    Amazing pics … Congratulations Amardeep ..

  35. Gurpreet Singh Sudan

    truly inspiring……………gr8 going………….

  36. Baba Ji

    Veer ji i am very happy to see all these pics you really Natural Artist, Philosopher,Historian,Photographer, just salute your efforts and one thing more i have seen true Spiritual Amardeep Singh. Wish you all the best veer ji .

  37. N P Satsangi

    i wish I had been in Singapore to see this unique display o.f photographs

  38. Manpreet Singh

    Passion makes all the difference in life !

  39. Moninder Singh Modgil

    Amardeep – congratulations. I am very impressed by the quality of your photographs and your choice of the objects to be photographed – and the great unusual angles, perspectives that you get. And that this has been achieved through long striving is again laudable.

  40. Tejinder Singh

    Great Work Veer Ji…..Wish could have been there is Singapore. Your work is truly an inspirational one and knowing you over a decade now must acknowledge hard work which goes behind all your activities. We pray to Almighty to further give you more strength to keep working on your passion and be an inspiration to many………..Sarbat Da Bhala.

  41. Manjeet Singh

    Dear Amardeep,

    Congratulations brother,
    Its a great job you are doing . Wish aaj Pita ji honde te vo kitna PROUD feel kerde . May WAHE GURUJI bless all the happiness in your life. Keep it up.

  42. Amardeep g,
    spellbound, really, as I am!! although the true ambience was not available through this small screen, yet, the colors are wonderful. the combination of black&white/golden looks really breathtaking. you seem to be becoming a sort of pied piper in this sort of art. best of luck, bro.

  43. ranjan devrani

    fantastic work , you deserve all the accolades ……


  45. rajdeep singh sabharwal

    Just OSM

  46. dimple kaur

    Congratulations…..dear I am really speechless…..amazing pics……..god bless u.

  47. Balvinder Singh

    Loved the photography. I’m very proud to have acquired one of the prints on display. Thank you for supporting the event. Wishing you the very best for the new year.

  48. Meenu Kochhar

    Much deserved CONGRATULATIONS !!! Wish I could be there to appreciate and admire all your work. You put your heart and soul in all the pictures. Please continue with your wonderful work and let us be the part of this beautiful journey !!!

  49. This is fantastic. As fans of your work, we’re so happy your work was exhibited in Singapore. Shows how far passion and dedication to the muse can take an artist. Look forward to more beauty emerging from your camera (and your mind!).

  50. Harindar Singh Bedi

    As I had a chance to view some of the pictures in greater detail while you were in Delhi, I’m sure the exhibition must be a great success. Something of immense beauty that viewers will truly appreciate and cherish. Keep up the good work Amardeep.

  51. Great work Bhaiya ….. Congratulations
    Keep it up

  52. Great work Bhaiya ….. Congratulations
    Keep it up

  53. Harmeet Kaur

    Your work is one of the finest in today’s time

  54. Permender Singh

    outstanding pictures of golden temple and nihangs, nice clicks.

  55. John Banfield

    Well done Amardeep.

  56. Kevin Alcott

    Congrats on a great show. when is the next one?

  57. Manbir Singh

    Speechless…… Salute your for this great work

  58. Pratap Rana

    Wow!!! Great endings to a year and fantastic beginning to 2015! All the very best to you and the family amardeep!

  59. Jaideep Sahney

    Congratulations Amardeep! Onto many more successes in 2015 !

  60. IJ's Yummy Punjabi

    Amardeep, you are born to make an impact. God bless!

  61. Bikram Bhamra

    Photographs of Nihang Singhs’ turbans particularly are fascinating. Efforts and time spent must be appreciated. Amardeep Singh Ji, you deserve congratulations for exhibiting them in such an attractive way.

  62. Sunil Odak

    Not surprised…ye to shuravaat hai….well done..be ready when I visit Singapore this year for picking from your collection…..for my home…

  63. Janet Cropper

    Wow Amardeep – brilliant photography. Many congratulations.

  64. amarjit s wasan

    Awesome work! Wish I had spent more time at the Naam Ras exhibition viewing your inspiring exhibits.

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