Chasing happiness, shying suffering,

I experienced suffering in the back alleys of happiness.

Failing to isolate the two, I wondered how can I see both as one?


When I chased happiness, it soon transformed into dissatisfaction. On the other hand, looking at life from a lower state of being, made me ecstatic. The pigeons of happiness and suffering, the two relative states of being, have always been fluttering over me.


As Nanak, the first Sikh Guru says,


Witness pleasure and pain, along with vice and virtue in the world as the same.

Nanak, page 1256 of Adi Granth


Life offers many roads. Each one of us have experiences that are unique to us alone, leading to choices, but in essence the perfect experience lies in being able to find solace amongst challenges, while also exploring challenges amongst solace.


In the early morning hours, looking into the fields of Navalgarh (Rajasthan, India), where the breaking dawn was clearing the mist, I could experience a bunch of leafless trees communicating with me. Amongst the ecstatic scene being created by the morning sun that offered hope, the simultaneous sorrow being projected by the barren trees offered a stark reminder of the duality of nature and the choice of balance that we need to make.


Barren trees at Nalavgarh

Fields of Navalgarh (Rajasthan, India)


Barren trees at Nalavgarh

 Fields of Navalgarh (Rajasthan, India)


Barren trees at Nalavgarh

 Fields of Navalgarh (Rajasthan, India)


Barren trees at Nalavgarh

Fields of Navalgarh (Rajasthan, India)


  1. adarsh

    Grt perceptions n ur thoughts penned were even better!!

  2. Upinder kaur

    beautiful photos and wonderful write up!

  3. Mohindra Chadha

    Dear Amardeep,

    You are indeed a philosopher. No doubt life is embodiment of pleasure and pain as per Guru Nanak’s rendering in the Adi Granth.
    Your choice of photographs to convey your deep philosophic self through your words and lens is always perfect.

    I am privileged to be recipient of your thoughts and photographs.

    Chadha Uncle

  4. Surupa Chatterjee

    Deep and lingering as always….and resonating with readers and fans like me. Salute.

  5. Geetali

    your words complement your images so perfectly. I have always believed that yo have to be truly good at heart in order to create true beauty: you exemplify that.

  6. stephanie sheppard

    You are such a poet Amardeep…I just loved this piece. And the trees are so very spiritual and mystical in the fog.
    Sat Nam,

  7. Gurmeet Singh Ranghar

    Great insight and connect…brilliant blend of sight and sighs

  8. Claire Leow

    one day you should mount a photo exhibition

  9. Jaideep Sahney

    Beautiful and uplifting thoughts Amardeep! Really enjoyed reading your words abd looking at the amazing pictures.

  10. manmohan singh

    Wjkk Wjkf,Almighty has Blessed you in numerous ways.keep flowing.

  11. Ajay Tripathi

    These great pictures poses some kind of mystery and forces one to look into them continuously. You have perfectly matched the mysteries these pictures presents with your quest!
    Great photography with great thoughts!

  12. Daljit Sethi

    An apt description of our daily life where it is the elusive Happiness we keep chasing

  13. kishore kumar biswas

    Our mortal life live in an earthly heaven where the flame of sorrow and happiness glow to give us light . We cannot or should not put out any of them .
    In the darkness of sorrow the flame of divine blessings glows. In the ecstatic smile of happiness the pain of sweet sorrow remain.
    In the secret heart of our mortal life the pleasure to feel sorrow and happiness stays with us.
    This photo feature tells us the truth of mortal life.

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