Seeing beyond Seeing

Seeing beyond Seeing

“Seeing beyond Seeing”, one gets blinded by the experience, reminded at summit that it is not the end but just a start of journey to other side of the mountain, taking one right back to the world.


An early morning walk in Borneo (Malaysia) at Kalimantan Indonesian border, one had to be in state of “seeing beyond seeing” to spot a tree emerging from the heavy mist.


Borneo (Malaysia)



  1. Harawant Singh

    It is beautiful only when you are on top and to be at the top, you need to make the efforts and sacrifices. But they always worthwhile.

    Very good picture, excellent use of the focus elements. Syabus.

  2. One has to first learn HOW TO SEE … if one can not see one can not shoot a good image. I love the article by you.

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