New dawn

New dawn

Dark night

followed by a new dawn

We strive for happiness till eternity but even with our best efforts, cannot escape frustration. In the night of life, demons of doubt find a home.

Swooping down and perching momentarily on the branches, Sparrows find their new flight path.

It really doesn’t matter how dark the night may be, it will be followed by a new dawn.

Today follows yesterday, but today need not be determined by yesterday. I see today as my chance to see life in a new light!

This series is of sunrise at Mount Bromo in Indonesia.

Click first photo below and scroll to view entire series in slide show.



  1. Well done,well said
    Thanks for sharing your vision!

  2. Harawant Singh

    We did Literature appreciation in our upper secondary, where we wowed on words being used. But few of us envied on the beauty of nature during our geography lessons. I was, however, privileged to be taught by a geography teacher who taught us not only the fundamentals of nature but her beauty that lay within. Today I have seen them in your photos.

    I am very indebted to her as well to you, Bhai Saab.

    Very good indeed.


  3. Bahadur singh

    you nicely put all those nice things in words, a beautiful combination of vision and intellect. well done Bahi Sahib: great shots!!!!

  4. Upinder kaur


  5. This message is from Payal: You have very deftly woven the two – writing and photography; word and picture. The way you blend your brain, heart, pen and eye is fascinating. It is insightful and refreshing.

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