Maru is a word representing sandy areas of Thar desert in Marwar (Rajasthan, India). This region experiences high wind velocities, shifting sand dunes, absence of water and salinity, posing challenge for sustained human living.


In spiritual traditions of North India, Maru also depicts the thirsty state of the soul that has failed to establish a link with Supreme Consciousness (Core Self).


In a verse in Guru Granth Sahib, the spiritual scripture of the Sikhs, there is a reference to the word Maru. Nanak compares a spiritually disconnected person to Maru, a land that fails to satisfy its own thirst.


The desert is not satisfied by rain,

The fire is not quenched by desire.

The king is not satisfied with his kingdom,

The oceans still thirsts for more.

Nanak, Page 148 of Guru Granth Sahib



Maru, the deserts of Rajasthan


  1. Very good God bless you veer ji

  2. Surupa Chatterjee

    Beautiful desert along with beautiful thoughts…Expecting more such postings from you….

  3. Loved it mate.

  4. Mohindra Chadha

    Your beautiful photograph of Maru tree and use of Guru Nanak’s deep spiritual thoughts providing similarity of human thirst to Maru are very apt indeed!

  5. Jasbir Chawla

    Beautiful Photograph with shadow ..! Lovely.

  6. Sanjana Kiran

    Awesome! Isn’t there some extent of maru in all if us?

  7. Amarjeet Kaur.....

    MARU………….very nicely showed and described in connection with Guru ji’s BANI.

  8. Vimalathevi Perumal

    A thirsty soul finds not in negative atmosphere, harken thee then towards the light the shines everbright, where spirituality beckons for fullfillment…..
    Greetings from Malaysia.

  9. kishore kumar biswas

    A legacy , a tradition that taught us that too much desire , too much obsession to have more turned human soul to a dried one , like a twig of a dead tree .
    It steals the peace of mind . Stripes of the beauty of life.
    It stands in the world then just like a dead tree stands in the desert .
    Superb pictorial notes from Amardeep Sigh ji .
    Thanks to him.

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