I found Gandhi !

I found Gandhi !

On the streets of Jaisalmer, I found a Frenchman bearing stark resemblance to Gandhi. He even dressed, walked and talked like him.



  1. Harawant Singh

    Wow, what a resemblance. Who need Ben.

    Surprised though, as to why has the politician not capitalized the resemblance, especially when the election is close by. Are they aware of him?

  2. Amazing! Maybe this new avatar of Gandhiji can save our country from political doom!
    Did this gentleman share his reasons for trying to emulate Gandhiji?

    • Amardeep Singh

      Charu, If you believe in reincarnation…….I think Gandhi is back!

      Unfortunately this time he is a French, who loves to dine, wine and travel around the world. He has given up on politics, don’t expect anything from him now. He just likes to enjoy life.

      It was a momentary encounter with him on the streets of Jaisalmer in Feb 2013. Language was a barrier as he spoke French and struggled with English.

  3. Incredible! Gandhiji was assassinated 66 years ago and this Frenchman looks around that age. Could be re-incarnation 🙂

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