Frog salvation

Frog salvation

On a dark moonless night, the perfect stillness of the Borneo Forest was being interrupted by the croaks of the aquatic frogs. As we walked through the swamp, our untrained ears were trying hard to locate the direction of the echoes.


We finally spotted them, an army of frogs in all colors, shapes and sizes!


My thoughts meandered to Kabir, who beautifully ridicules the religious belief of bathing at holy places to absolve one’s sins. If this was the path, then frogs should be naturally enlightened!


With filth within heart,

one bathes at holy places,

hoping to absolve sin.

If such was the path to salvation,

then what about the frog which lives in water?

Kabir in Guru Granth Sahib, Page 484















  1. Eddie Ng

    Beautiful photos but what you says is even more beautiful and meaningful too. Mankind have create too much meaningless taboo and stupid rules. Thank you.

  2. Hi Amardeep,
    Once again your beautiful work has come to light…these are wonderful shots. Not the most desirable of creatures to some people, but focusing on their precious eyes one has no excuse but to look deep inside these tiny beings to know that suffering, the desire for happiness is even within the frogs.I loved this series.
    It looks like you have changed your website and I love this format….is it your own design??? My website was created a while ago and done in flash which makes it impossible to add photos to it. I am trying to figure out in my non-computer brain how to make a better site. Best, Stephanie

  3. Harawant Singh

    Beautiful shots.

    Much more jeweled is the saying by Sant Kabir.
    The issue is, only when will we ever learn?

    Good work Amardeep.

  4. Devjit

    Hi Amardeep,
    Once again AWESOME.

    Thanks for taking the effort to post such nice pics.


  5. Surupa Chatterjee

    After a tired mundane day the soul indeed comes alive seeing your wonderful shots bejewelled with all the wonderful insights that come with it…..

  6. Harbans Khakh

    Beautiful shots as usual and of course the beautiful words of Kabir ji makes them so much more meaningful!

  7. Ajay Tripathi

    Beautiful closeup of Frogs and it’s eyes. Mention of frog in a holy scripture is new to me and so it’s perspective!

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