Beauty of decay

Beauty of decay




Between the banks of desires & reality,

Faced with conflict, Life acquires a meaning.


Life is a series of conflicts between inner thoughts and external pressures.

Coal must undergo deep earth pressures to become a diamond.

Rice must undergo hardship of pounding to become white.

Steel must endure forge to become strong.

Without having faced adversity,

ones accomplishments cannot be cherished.



Behind the climax in which a musician composes a brilliant composition,  lies years of dedicated struggle. The virtuous presentation is just the tip of a lifetime struggle, with essence set in metal of long perseverance.


At Bako National Reserve (Sarawak, Malaysia), decayed trees standing firm in the sea bed but weathered by years of struggle to survive waves of brackish water, offered an essence of process that one needs to experience to be worthy of a beautiful presentation.



Photo: Beauty of decay


Photo : Beauty of decay


  1. Nice pictures of the decaying world,very appropriate metaphors(diamond,rice,steel) used to convey the message.There is a message in ruins and there is a beauty too.Good photo shoots Amardeep!.

  2. Harawant Singh

    Sometime back in 1972, I received a post card from Sri Lanka similar to the picture of the lonely tree from a childhood friend who made his first journey in a merchant ship but he died on his first stop.

    He had chosen the picture before his death and I received it after his burial.

    All the memories returned. The picture of a lonely tree surrounded with water.

  3. Surupa Chatterjee

    You paint pictures with your camera… stunning as expected and yes I agree about hardships before harvest or facing life’s vicissitudes to emerge as a writer or painter or a song composer….its must ingredient in all …

  4. Malka Khanum

    Your photographs are breathtaking, superb, phenomenal there is no words to describe the depth of your work.

  5. Salman Rashid

    Excellent. And haunting.

  6. Charu Jain

    Stunning contrast between the fluffy transient clouds and the earthy solidity of the rocky faces.

  7. Milton D'Silva

    As with tree, so with human beings…special significance for us siblings in the family as the ‘tree’ we grew under is withering right in front us and there is little we can do. Of course it is perfectly in sync with the laws of nature…

  8. Ravinderpal Kaur

    As usual your photographs are superb and the underlying messages felt.

  9. Masood Akhtar

    You comments always hold double meaning. It always appeal to thought and shake a mind!

  10. Hammad Nasir

    oh yes. being a student of botany, it gives me unique satisfaction to find and see plants strong enough to withstand the harshness of surroundings. there are certain creatures who can withstand hardships naturally. insects are common examples, many of them. I don’t think that these trees that you mentioned and photographed are dead. they are absolutely alive, yes, but not thriving. would have been more interesting to know about their age and the time since they are standing there. even in Himalayas, lower Himalayas, the wind and constant wind changes the trees into a “flag-form” trees, meaning that the gusts of winds simply break the leaves from one direction, but that doesnot mean those trees are not alive. seriously, flag-form trees is a botanical term!!
    but what wonderful photographs. thank you Amardeep g.

  11. j.p.singh

    Thanks !!! Excellent & Superb Photographs of a lonely tree standing straight in the Sea with so many messages to the Humanities.

  12. kishore kumar Biswas

    We say ‘ Life is not bed of roses ‘ but wish life to be like that. We forget that hurdles make a person good runner. If we see around us there is struggle everywhere in the nature. There is a music of conflict in the universe. Even our physical existence passes through struggling with adversities.
    Our soul unless it passes through strife it remain ignorant about the ” truth ” of life. A lamp only glows only when it burns.
    Amardeep with his marvelous presentation pf picture brought this truth in front of us. Regards to him.

  13. Rajinder singh

    Your picture and blog are awesome. The picture convey a very strong massage that if your roots ar strong enough and deep within,
    you can challenge and withstand any inverse weather and situation.

    Warm Wishes

    Rajinder Singh

  14. gurcharan singh

    Very nice photographs withl lovly write up

  15. gurcharan singh

    Facinating lovly photographs

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