Winter sets in

Winter sets in

Summer lies behind,

Winter has set in.

Bare branches hold a promise,

                                  but mind remains shaky.

Winter brings dormancy with incessant clouds and snow. Time comes to stand still. Nights appear to be long. While trees have shed their leaves but in these bare branches lies a promise to sprout at the first instance of spring. They know the winters will not last forever!

In our life, there comes a time when everything comes to stand still. It’s the natures way of telling us to avail of this opportunity to reflect and reinvent. In the stillness of life, lies the promise of fresh shoots.

During my stay at Beijing (China), the days were gloomy. Then the sky just cleared to brilliant blue and the air started warming up, proclaiming that the winters were soon about to end.

It was the perfect moment to freeze my thoughts through photographs of the iced landscape.

_MG_4618-Recovered s

Photo : Boats trapped in frozen river


Photo : Frozen lake


Photo : Ice and water in the lake


  1. Surupa Chatterjee

    Wonderful moments, moods frozen in time …waiting to reinvent itself in another form……

  2. arun sikka

    wow. wonderful pictures.

  3. Sonil Mehra

    Brilliant as usual.

  4. adarsh

    Very nicely depicted, the place and the pictures look very inviting and the credict goes to your work……awesome!!

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