Walking on the rim of an active volcano!

Walking on the rim of an active volcano!

One third of the world’s active volcanoes lie in Indonesia. One such active volcano, a three hour drive from Surabaya in East Java, is Mount Bromo (Javanese for Brahma, the Hindu god of Creation / fire). Mount Bromo is actually a fuming crater lying within a much larger crater (caldera). Caldera is generally referred to a crater with a diameter extending over a mile. A caldera is formed when a large amount of lava erupts rapidly, immediately emptying the underlying magma chamber. When this happens, the surface of the land collapses into the emptied magma chamber and creates a large crater. Mount Bromo lies inside a caldera, and hence is a crater within a crater.

At 5:30 AM, our family was the only one scaling the fuming Mount Bromo to stand on the crater rim and experience the view of the large tunnel in the earth from where rise a continuous sulfurous stream of clouds. Holding two DSLR camera bodies, a tripod and a few lenses, was clearly a draining way to get to the top.

At the rim I photographed the hole in the earth from where the volcano was spitting the gases. I recommended to click the first picture in this series to view in large format the view of the crater from the rim.

It would take about two hours of dangerous walk along the thin rim of the volcano to circle it, but with the gases causing an irritation and the risk being high, we decided to experience the view from one place and then descend.

As we walked down, some people were on the ascent. I looked around and saw this opportunity of making a series of pictures with people on the rim of Mount Bromo.

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Click first photo below and scroll to view entire series in slide show.


  1. Misha Lullla

    Beautiful…as always…. any possibilities of sharing how u select these locations.. how you get there.. etc.. have you thought of writing a book of your experiences.. every pic..every moment would mean something special to an artist..wudn’t it??

  2. adarsh

    Its amazing as always that u manage the best shots at the best locales of the world……am beginning to feel u cannot go wrong with ur selection of these places…wonder how u discover them??? excellent pics…gives a feel of what a rim of a crater would be like……grt!!!

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