Veiled beauty

Veiled beauty

Beauty, hidden in the veil.

Chanced encounter, reveals it.

“Look”, what an attitude!

“Smile”, a sense of cooperation!

                                                        Now was the moment.


Mesmerized by their bright colored dresses and eye catching jewelry, I was cautious not to offend them.


This is the family of a Muslim potters tribe in a village of Rajasthan, India. Their ancestors migrated from Sindh in Pakistan. Being veiled, not in the typical Islamic but the Hindu style, I was appreciating them from a distance, when one of them smiled through her veil. The ice was broken and I had received the right to advance. She dropped her veil, revealing her face. I photographed her with her veiled companions in the background, consciously limiting to only show half the face.


I cautiously stepped through the door into their home courtyard and in a corner was standing another unveiled lady. Her confident look was an invitation that I could pick the camera.


I wanted to spend a few more moments with the family but they seemed to be in a hurry to catch a bus.


This was a brief encounter with the veiled beauties.


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  1. Absolutely Lovely! I am so nostalgic…… Spent a lot of time in Bhuj and Rajasthan…..

  2. Satinder Rekhi

    I like the imaginary style of your writing. If I did not know you, my imagination could go a little wild. 🙂

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