Two men on the road to Mount Everest, Tibet

Two men on the road to Mount Everest, Tibet

Driving at the height of over 15,000 feet, on the road to Tingri, we were awestruck at the first glance of the might Mount Everest. My earlier series on the north face of Mount Everest can be viewed on this link (Mount Everest – North Face).

As I stood besides the road, appreciating the North face of this formidable mountain, I noticed two Tibetan men who were inquisitively looking at my Canon 100-400mm lens. This is a situation where I wanted to make a picture with them in the frame but could not communicate.

Fuji Polaroid was my savior!. I quickly snapped an instant polaroid picture and gave it to them as a gift. Now they were with me and I made these two pictures of them with the road, trucks and himalayas in the background.

Click first photo below to view entire series in slide show.


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  1. Amazing, am a great admirer of individuals who create their own personalities through personal accomplishments.While any artistic ability is gift from God , not many truly appreciate and excel
    We wish you continued happiness in your pursuit of seeing the world beyond seeing!

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