Stories – Essence of our nature!

Stories – Essence of our nature!

Stories are the essence of our existence.


While not everyone may be gifted to capture the moment that reflects a story but no one can deny being part of a story. It is our choice if we want to see a story unfold around us. Such opportunities exist in every moment.


Constant daily flow of volcanic ash from Mount Bromo (East Java, Indonesia) has created a barren desert landscape in it’s proximity. But just on the fringe lies the Savannah, a rich grass land that thrives on the mineral rich soil deposits of the volcanic ash. For the local Tengger community, the grass lands of savannah are the source of rich and healthy grass for their horses.


A local Tengger man, carrying two basket loads of fresh grass was walking on the volcanic ash in the caldera. For him this daily chore on which depends the life of his horse, is the essence of his existence. He exemplified dedication and seemed content with this streneous activity.


And here I was approaching him with my cluttered mind, that is constantly contemplating the essence of my existence. My dedication to my passion from the lap of luxury seemed to be in stark contrast.


God surely has a strange storyline for all of us, which our minds are too small to comprehend!


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  1. Atamjot

    A story of survival… Of faith… Of God’s shades in happy greens and sad greys… The size of His man in front of His mountains…both inside and out there…


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