Self Sufficiency

Self Sufficiency

 Self Sufficiency is an opportunity!

Sociability is the essence of humanity. However it’s through self-sufficiency that one is able to connect Self with Cosmos. It does not mean that being with others is of any less importance but self-sufficiency does help overcome one’s shortcomings. 

Society and self-sufficiency need to be the two stirrups of life.

These were the thoughts that crossed my mind as I picked the camera to photograph the nuns walking a barren path in the high altitude plains of Ladakh.


 Click first photo below and scroll to view series in slide show.


  1. vineet

    Beautifully deciphered… Do you think the nuns feel that way too?

  2. Harawant Singh

    What a contrast to my train ride this morning. We had no space between us.

    Whereas your subjects had all the space they would need but they had to walk all the way.

    Waho Waho, what a game must HE be playing.

  3. Self sufficiency I understand as self contentment.You are right Gurbani says’Ghar sukh wasaya bāhar sukh Paya’-Home at peace so shall be outside.
    Nuns find solace through renunciation of wedlock, thats their way,however Gurus advised householders living in a wedlock.
    Your picture shows a path,depends how you traverse..Thanks for posting Amardeep!

  4. dipikasen

    I fully agree with you…and with the saying of Gurbani…if you are content from can happily connect to the world and it’s not vice versa. So far as Nuns are concerned…they possible are groomed to serve the world selflessly. your post is thought provoking…and very suitable to initiate as first thing in the morning.Good Morning!

  5. Ramandeep Singh

    Self Sufficiency is ultimate freedom that nature grants to its all creations. If there is food, shelter and protection of group (big or small as needed), it’s complete freedom. Any part added into that equation takes that much freedom away. I go to work I trade 8 hrs of my freedom daily for money etc etc.
    great topic.

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