Photo Art

Photo Art

Datti Kaur, our younger daughter, a 9th grade student is passionate about art. Getting bored at home yesterday, in response to a sudden creative bout, she selected a photo of a Nihang from my photography blog and has adapted it in her own creative water color art form.

Here is the water color art form created through her strokes.

Water color portrait by Datti Kaur

The photo below of Nihang that I had clicked in Punjab was her creative reference.


Nihang photographed by Amardeep Singh


  1. Very Creative… Awesome !!!

  2. quite accurate,a nice begining and the brush strokes are perfect.Good luck to Datti!!!

  3. Barathan

    Very Nice…she has potential

  4. Satinder Rekhi

    Good work, Datti. I’m very proud of her talent!

  5. Arjit Mahal

    It is clear that Datti Kaur has inherited father’s artistic talent. Good luck to her. She could be on her own artist journey.

  6. aldrich

    Love it!

  7. Datti, It is supper dupper se bhi uppar.
    Awesome, it is good begining and wish you all the best.

    May the coming new year of 2014 be,
    A year of health and Happiness
    A year of wealth and wisdom
    A year of peace and prosperity
    A year of Glee and Glow
    and also a year of Love and Laughter


    Rajinder Singh, Paramjeet and Manav

  8. Very nice strokes Datti…. ws unaware of your inherent talent…. keep it up…..//

  9. dipika

    She has gone beyond her creative reference…and a made a mark of her own…good luck to your pretty little daughter.

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