My daughters – What they have taught me!

My daughters – What they have taught me!

Children acquire many genetic traits from their parents but in my life, it seems to have worked the other way around.


My two daughters do have a strong creative bone, which is definitely passed to them from their mother. As I have watched them grow, subtly and sub-consciously this aspect has started manifesting within me.


Through these pictures of my two daughters, Tarni and Datti, I thank them for having sprouted a sense of creative arts in me.


Click first photo below and scroll to view entire series in slide show.


  1. mintisingh

    Wish every parent the luv fr their daughters as much in such lovely simple from d heart words. Now a days we r campaigning fr SMILEMUNIA – to Save , Educate , Encourage ,Empower the girl child.
    Yrs is an example dat i will speak about in my next talk. Be Blessed.

  2. Such lovely girls! Surely a photographer can’t but help being his creative best? You’ve brought out the best in them though 🙂

  3. Misha Lullla

    Kidz are the most amazing miracle of it all and it only gets better with time..:) beautiful gals…!!

  4. Misha Lullla

    Please do close-ups next… we get that you are landscape guru… !!

  5. Harmeet

    Fantastic Pictures…. God bless them.. !!

  6. Too gud bhaiya…. 🙂

  7. Kiranpal Sital Rajinder

    Wonderful photos. Hope all is well. Give our love to the rest of the family.

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