Moving without a mind – Animal life in Tibet

Moving without a mind – Animal life in Tibet

‘A white cloud is a mystery, the coming, the going, the very being of it… The White Clouds’ way means a pathless path, a wayless way. Moving, but not with a fixed mind – moving without a mind.’ – Osho


My photography pursuits are intuitive. I look for an experience, that can only be achieved by moving without a mind.


I therefore do not call myself a “wildlife photographer”, a “fashion photographer”, a “landscape photographer”, etc.


It’s the opportunity that arises before me, is the essence that I aim to capture.


As I moved without a mind  across the Tibetan plateau, I was able to chance on wild as well as domestic animal life.


In this series I present the animal life of Tibet. My lens captured the black necked crane, grey wolf, marmot, yak, deer, sheep and wild ass.


Click first photo below to view entire series in slide show.

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