Life – A song to be danced to!

Life – A song to be danced to!

Purpose of life?

performance of daily chores,

or a song to be danced to?


For the tribals living in the vicinity of sand dunes of Rajasthan, song and dance for the entertainment of travelers is their only source of living. Performance of this daily chore in the scorching desert heat, as means to fulfill their stomach, left me wondering if life is really a song to be danced to.


Click first photo below and scroll to view entire series in slide show.


  1. very nice clicks…..the sand dunes are as amazing as the lives of the people there…..guess for them the dance is indeed their means of living, they scorch while others enjoy…..whats amazing is that even after so much of commercialisation there is melody in the art.

  2. Sanjay Nambiar

    wonderful pics. On pic 3/ 5- how did u get the elevation? Were u standing on a dune lookin down? amazing. Loved it.

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