Keep going

Keep going

The spectrum of my learning spans across engineering, music, management, philosophy,  photography and writing.


Learning engineering and management was tough but a relatively easy journey. I stayed on course, memorized the postulates and just applied them to situations. Same with music, where having learnt Raags (combination of notes) and Taals (Beats), it was then a mere extrapolation. Applying basic principles of philosophy to real life situations was no different.


However there is a unique difference between art forms like photography and writing versus rest of the streams that I have delved into.


Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the effort required to keep myself relevant in both these art forms. Any good work that I produce, seems to have a very short life cycle. As I feel I am getting good in a style, my own benchmark starts challenging me to get even better. Sometimes I can hear the audience say “what is new in this?”.


The only postulates in these art forms are one’s own benchmarks!


“Keep going!” is the phrase that has kept me exploring, creating and searching. Every day seems to be a new front to discover. There are times I feel exhausted but then not finding the vultures yet hovering over my head, I get up and take one more step.


In Rajasthan, I turned my camera to photograph sunrise and sunset, with an element of creativity.

Click first photo below and scroll to view series in slide show.


  1. Dhiraj

    Ironically, the Vat69 bottle seems to be pointing at the setting sun to indicate that its time to relax and settle down for an evening drink 🙂 Cheers.

  2. Balvinder Nagi

    Thanks for sharing you thoughts, work and stunning images.

  3. Beautiful silhouette(image with a brighter background)captured nicely.It truly depicts the loneliness and space of a desert life.It reminds me of the Bollywood movie ‘Reshma Aur Shera’love story of nomadic desert life(Sunil Dutt and Waheeda Rehman)1970,first movie of Amitabh Bachhan as character actor.Kjs

  4. Stunning visuals! Truly beautiful!

  5. Excellent photographs.
    I loved looking through the essys on Ladakh and stillness. Been to almost all the places you have photographed. That’s why I was so engrossed ! Loved your photos of Pengos tso, Tso Moriri and Barmer.
    Kudos to your spirit of adventure and the underlying spirit of the gypsy within us all !

  6. Mohinder Singh

    Absolutely fascinating ! Enchanting ! Keep going & keep doing your bit in making this beautiful creation of “HIS” all the more beautiful, like this untiring Sun.God bless.

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