If we all can passionately advocate that this world is a bouquet of coexistence then differentiating words like ‘Kafir’ that breed one-upmanship can hopefully lose relevance? ‘Kafir’, a derogatory word has its origins in the Arabic culture and applies to anyone who holds a different view about the Creator and the Creation!


In search for the remains of the Dera Bhai Bhag Singh Gurdwara in the outskirts of Islamabad city, as my driver stopped in a village to enquire the directions from an old man, I was dejected on hearing the response, “You wish to go to the place of the Kafirs?”


Finally at the site, as I gazed into the dilapidated remains that are being rapidly engulfed by a Pipal tree, a species under which many Sages have attained enlightenment, I noticed the faint remains of verses on the walls in which appear the names of Nanak, Kabir, Farid and Ravidas! These universal writings of humanity from the masters belonging to the Sikh, Muslim and Hindu faiths compelled me to reflect, who then is a Kafir?


Words of Shiv Kumar Batalvi’s poetry resonated within me,


Mere Geet Vi Lok Suneende Ney, Naale Kafir Aakh Sadeende Ney,
Maein Dard Nu Kaaba Keh baetha, Rab Naa Rakh Baitha Peeraan Da.

People listen to my songs and call me a Kafir,
I called sorrow my Kaaba and Sages the God!



  1. Upinder Kaur

    Beautiful photography and a very touching poetry.Nice post.

  2. Harbans Lal

    wisely said. it is time to reconsider rules of defining others

  3. Ajay Tripathi

    Beautiful photo and the versus just fits the angle it’s shot from!

  4. Dear Amardeep. I accidentally found your site and what an eyesight opening Thank you shariing. I shall try to visit the couple in Srinagar who live next to Ghulab Singh’s Samadhi. Stay blessed and best of luck

  5. What a sad side of our life…..

  6. IS Gill

    A very nice verse well connected with the picture of old tree and the samadi. Aval Allah noor upaaya kudrat de sab bande, which we tend to forget.
    It was nice to listen to you in person in Mhow

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