Infinite is a circle with a circumference lying nowhere,

but the centre lying everywhere.

My pursuits end in a circular centricity,

bound by egocentricity.


Centre of universe lies within our self-ego, while the limitless creation is beyond limits. All through our being, we desire to attract materials to us, never making an effort to merge “I” into the expanse.


It’s strange that a drop of water, that we are, wants the ocean to merge into it. We desire to surrender but yet want to possess. We want to let the river of life take us to where it desires but yet we want to maintain our individuality.

In reality, we never make an effort to merge into the ocean.


It’s foolish we don’t realize; the waves vanish into the sea and rays merge into the sun. Shedding the bondage of time and space, they give up their centricity.


“Says Nanak, this is a difficult play; and only a few can understand it!” Page 218, Adi Granth


My photography pursuits create small windows of opportunities through which I make an effort to be aware of the balance required between self actualization and materialistic realities of everyday existence.


At Tso Moriri lake (4,595 metre) in Ladakh, India, no man could be seen for miles. In the chillness of air, the only sound one could hear was the “sound of silence”. My egocentricity wanted to capture the circumference of the infinite creation.

I knew it was impossible but by nature, man keeps trying!


Click first photo below and scroll to view series in slide show.


  1. Bahadur singh

    bahi sahib ji what you capture is already excellent, but how you explain, the gravity of your words, taking references from sahib Shiri Guru Granth Sahib ji make you incredible. well done !

  2. wonderful photography. the landscape really seems to be saying – man, there’s no place for you (or your ego) here!

  3. Dhiraj

    Brilliant Pictures, and even more stunning is your foreword. You are a Rockstar! Cheers.

  4. Again nice pictures! and you have really captured the truth lying in this vastness of the canvas.Infinite as it is but I would say it is some part the ego of humankind that is exploring it…Good luck again!!kjs

  5. Marvelous…..

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