Framed & Overlaid

Framed & Overlaid





Cravings never cease.


We emerged from nothing and will merge in nothing. Few years of worldly complexities that we get involved in as reality, can actually be disruptive, if not lived with balance. Our cravings continue to expand the net and only through contemplation, is the uselessness of the tangle appreciated.

Duty is inevitable but how we get buried deep inside the heap. In essence, all that is required is to keep life simple. Giving up the “wants” and living within the “needs” to bring internal happiness.

This may sound easy to implement but herein lies the biggest challenge. I admit that for years I have been trying to find the art of living in the balance and probably that’s the reason that once in a while, I like to explore the remotest areas of the world as it helps me connect internally, before resurfacing again in the world of cravings.

Exploring remote areas in Ladakh, I found opportunities to be close with Buddhist stupas and prayer flags. Photographically, the fluttering flags and stupas did not offer anything spectacular for creating an image so I challenged myself to look at them with a fresh perspective of framing and overlaying. Framing, the art of capturing a primary object surrounded by a secondary object. Overlaying, the art of capturing primary object, overlaid by a transparent secondary object.



Photo : Stupa and prayer flag.


_MG_7284sPhoto : Ladakh valley. A prayer flags perspective.


_MG_7111sPhoto : Mountain framed between prayer flags.



Photo : Stupa and prayer flag.



Photo : Stupa and prayer flag.


_MG_6971sPhoto : A cellphone tower. Modern eye soar.


  1. Dhruv Jolly

    Brilliant as usual … 🙂 you are one Gifted Dude/ Old Chap/Brother on the Path … 🙂 … May the Buddha Bless You …

  2. Ritu Sharma

    Fascinating! Interesting idea, well composed.

  3. Geetali

    Brilliant shots, as usual. You are “seeing” further than most people do. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your vision.

  4. Gurmeet Singh

    Nice shots ..could relate to the narrative as well

  5. Surupa Chatterjee

    The photos were a wonderful interplay of what you so eloquently have put across….Soul stirring…yet again….

  6. Jenem

    Brilliant photos, i have been to Ladakh and that place is breath-taking, thank you for these photos, they refreshed memories 🙂

  7. ira

    Great work! cheers

  8. adarsh

    Depiction of scerenity, so calm n charming , to add to it is your interpretation and a new dimension….Too Good!!

  9. Rajinder Modgil

    Your photographs have started looking like paintings of an artist and writings of an original author. Keep it up. May God bless you to further heights.

  10. Mohindra Chadha

    Dear Amardeep,

    Excellent pictures as always. Your foreword is thoughtful and brilliant.
    Brilliant work!

  11. Gurvinder Gumani

    Art interwoven with creativity and accompanied by appropriate words—–Indeed a marvellous job Amardeep

  12. Kishore kumar Biswas

    Perhaps if we are deprived of our desired things , freedom comes to us. Freedom of soul that remains most of our life chained with desire. And when our soul gets liberty from the ” material ” the world with all beauty comes near us. Then we came out of the cage of our ” ego” to fly in the universe with ” real ” freedom.

    The photographs here takes us to a world of sublime feelings. Thanks to Amardeep Singh.

  13. Arvinder Singh

    Both the narrative and the photos are Brilliant as always. Keeping the balance between the ‘wants’ and the ‘needs’ is the toughest challenge to keep life simple. And the modern world seems to be making the task more and more difficult each day 🙂
    Thanks for showing a new perspective of shooting the photos. Loved it.

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