Framed in Blue

Framed in Blue


an essence to creativity.


Creativity, is generally thought to be an intrinsic skill. However, behind any creative work is hours of effort to create a skill to recognize structures, which is mere mechanical. It’s this aspect of replicating which ultimately results in development of a sense to discern and manipulate patterns. Creativity is ultimately a stage when a person is able to create something through a spontaneous act.

I never shy from saying that I was not born creative. For me, the creative aspect was developed through planning and hard work to force myself to see the world in fixed patterns.

Today I share a model photo shoot, conducted many years back, at a stage when I was learning to recognize patterns. In this series, the idea was to capture the face in different angles, framed in just a blue cloth.


Photo : Lady in blue



Photo : Lady in blue



Photo : Lady in blue



Photo : Lady in blue



Photo : Lady in blue



Photo : Lady in blue



Photo : Lady in blue


  1. adarsh

    ” He who wants to do good knocks at the gate; he who loves finds the gate open” , you have found what you love and your work reflects that, its an amazing shoot , enjoyed it throughly.

  2. Surupa Chatterjee

    Creativity knows no age, gender, time…when it walks in , it slowly sits, then spreads and the journey continues…..through different forms, mediums, expressions, visions and senses……Its eternity

  3. Beauty lies in simplicity. Wow

  4. Moninder Singh Modgil


  5. Karamjeet Singh

    The model is indeed beautiful with clearcut features and blonde eyes,further heightened with the contrast of color,light,tilt,focus.It was a nice begining.Your other portraits are also eyecatching and mystic.Good going..

  6. Rajinder singh

    Dear Amardeep,

    Creativity is by dedication and Passion with deep commitment with blessing of Waheguru.

    Regards to Passion,

    Rajinder Singh

  7. Ramandeep

    along with camera you are very creative with words, perfect combination.
    Always enjoy your both skills, writing+photography.

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