Decay & transformation

Decay & transformation

Decay, a journey to death

Transformation, a journey of youth


As she played the violin, a shimmering candlelight  created the moment of ecstasy, proclaiming that the next phase of transformation is awaiting to happen.


Death is the least understood and most emotional phenomena, mostly cloaked in stories from our perception. When it happens to humans, we don’t see beyond the corpse, speculating about eternity and reincarnation, providing solace to ourselves. But death in the form of decay is an inseparable part of entire creation, applying even to non living things.


Esoterically speaking, what dies? Is anything actually destroyed? Certainly not, as it’s a mere transformation!


Time ceases to exist even with abandoned buildings. Onslaught of decay in it’s structure appears to be its first step towards death. But look closely and you will find transformation in the form of sprouting vegetation.


An abandoned building had a picture of an armed man shooting the trespasser and below it read, “Trespassers will be prosecuted”. For me, photographing its environment was still a strong motivation to sneak inside.


Janet Amrit



Janet Amrit



Janet Amrit



Janet Amrit



Janet Amrit



Janet Amrit



Janet Amrit



Janet Amrit



  1. Sandhya

    A spooky one! Nicely done, you have got that effect!

  2. Nice compositions, but its somehow doubtful by the way she is holding the instrument…did she ever played violin in her life?

  3. Surupa Chatterjee

    Nice contrasts and a topic that is stark, scary and still a mystery to most of us ……

  4. Rekhi

    Where did you find this girl? I like your comments on death as a transformation!

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