Close today, on horizon yesterday

Close today, on horizon yesterday

Close today was on horizon yesterday.

What was cast on me had a source.

I unfurled it one step at a time.


Life sometimes appears to be a tapestry of confusion. It’s a feeling that is an outcome of looking at events from a low vantage point, limiting our ability to see the steps that lie ahead.


A shadow is cast because objects come between sun and earth. Similarly the confusion in mind is a shadow created by an external event.


When life surprises us, rise above to find what is emerging on the horizon. Find the steps that will bring it closer.


The sun was setting rapidly and as I photographed the Yuanyang rice terraces, I could feel the horizon and the symmetrical rice terrace steps connecting with my soul.


Yuanyang rice terraces in Yunan (China) were created over hundreds of years by the Hani people. These terraces cover roughly 12, 500 hectares of land.


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  1. Satinder Rekhi

    Are you a photographer or a poet or a Philosopher?

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